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RBar Energy - The Basics

  • 2 min read

By Brian Cornelius, Founder

RBar was started on a very simple idea - simple food can taste amazing. If we don’t follow what the industry tells us has to be done and if new techniques are developed along the way, flavor does not need to be sacrificed -- even at scale.

Let me take you back to 2010. At that time I was an elite cyclist based in Tucson, Arizona and traveling around the country to chase a dream: become a professional cyclist. Unbeknownst to me, I would become a professional in something entirely different. You see, while I had some impressive talent in cycling, I would always find a way to work too hard during the race and over and over again would find myself unable to compete in the final sprint.

Bike racing days on the California coast.


I like to work too hard. But in business, this can be a good thing and it can create fantastic products. So while I was riding around on two wheels I started packing dates, dried fruit and nuts in little baggies in my back pocket. Inevitably, these would spill all over the road when I would take them out to eat them. The solution was to toss them into a blender and wrap them in saran wrap. And here was the first bar.

Now, what’s unique about RBar is that the basics of this concept - simple ingredients blended together, conveniently packaged and full of flavor—have never changed. Sure, we’ve made unique improvements along the way, such as a special packaging line that keep our products fresher, longer, but the basic concept has never changed. When we were told we would need to add syrups or grains or protein isolates, we always said no. But saying no isn’t enough to define a mission. 

So, we decided on something a little more specific. 1) RBar will always design a product based on having exceptional flavor and not on the latest nutrition facts panel fad. 2) RBar will never produce a product with more than seven ingredients. We boil this down to: Maximum flavor, minimal ingredients. 

Stay tuned for the next post on where our journey to produce the most amazing maximum flavor, minimal ingredient products has led us, and what it means for you!