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Why is RBar a great fit for your store?

RBar products are the perfect fit for your on-the-go customers. Originally developed so that athletes could have a reliable and easy-to-digest fuel, RBar is now the go-to product for anyone wanting a simple snack that won't let them down. Deliver the simplicity your customers want with just 7 ingredients or less in each SKU.

Get these RBar-Only benefits now:

  1. More sellable units per linear inch.  The uniquely designed RBar Caddie is just 3" wide, meaning you can fit up to 20 sellable units in the same space as our competitors' 12 bar caddie. Test our efficient footprint at your check-stand!

  2. Give your customers the new superior protein source of Almond Protein.  RBar is the first-to-market bar to use Almond Protein Powder and Peanut Protein Powder as the sole source of protein.

  3. Simplicity & benefits of ordering through Faire: NET60 Terms and Free returns for all Faire wholesale customers. If you're new to Faire and sign up through the link below, you'll receive a $100 credit for RBar products and free shipping for a year.  

Give us a try! Your customers will thank you!