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7 Ways to Make the Most of Every Day

  • 3 min read

By Ari Antilla

   Have you ever had a day go by so quickly and when you try to think about what you’ve accomplished you draw a blank and realize nothing got done? As humans, we all have days like that but not every day has to be like that. We can avoid these days and make our days amazing and get the most out of them by following a few simple steps.

1.   Rise early

Early mornings are quiet, peaceful, productive, and energizing. Rising early and success go hand-in-hand. If you wake up earlier you have more time to accomplish everything you need to do for the day or even have extra time in the day for personal time. What could you accomplish with an extra hour or two in the morning?


2.   Start your day off with exercise

Reuben Jackson Cohen, Tucson, AZ

People who start off their day with exercise tend to not only have more energy throughout the day but also have a more positive outlook which are both necessary to be the most productive you can during your day. In addition, exercising first thing in the morning ensures you get it done first thing so you don’t have to worry about making time for it later.


3.   Eat right and don’t skip breakfast

Eating anything for breakfast puts you ahead of many people. However, eating a healthy breakfast opens the door for a more productive day, helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, and tends to lead to eating less over the course of the day. More so, food is the fuel for our bodies and mind. Be mindful that you are fueling yourself with the right kinds of nutritious foods at every meal. Eating real, healthy foods gives your body consistent energy and helps you concentrate better and longer on your daily tasks


  • 4.   Focus on what’s important
  • We have a tendency to try to tackle all the tasks that come our way. First off, it’s not realistic to get everything on your to-do list done in one day and secondly, that’s most likely not how we want to spend our day. Thus, it’s crucial to identify the most important tasks and projects for that particular day and focus on those. Identify the biggest, most important task and do it first. If you finish, move on to the next. While you won’t accomplish every task that life throws at you, you will finish the most important stuff which makes all the difference.


  • 5.   Be present
  • Be present in all that you do. Put away any distractions, such as your cellphone, so that you can put all your focus on your tasks and being engaged with others. Being fully focused in activities throughout your day makes you more likely to be productive and efficient. For instance, if you put your phone in your backpack during the school day and pay attention in class, you won’t have to waste time going back over the same information later on. Additionally, when surrounded by others, put down your smart phone and give your full attention to those you are around to not only be polite but also to be fully engaged which can help strengthen relationships.


  • 6.   Do one thing you love each day
  • Logan Heiman, Virginia Beach, VA

    Apart from the requirements of every day life, you should take time to take part in one activity or hobby that you absolutely love. By doing something that brightens your day and nurtures your soul every single day it will not only keep you happy but it will be uplifting and keep your mindset in the right place.  


    7.    Finish strong

    A half hour before you are planning to go to bed, separate yourself from all technology. Spend a few minutes and reflect back on your day, the progress you made, and any changes that could be made for a better day tomorrow. Then, plan out the next day’s schedule and to-do list so you become aware of the tasks at hand and time available to accomplish them. Finally, read a few pages of a favorite book to end the night. This is a great way to finish your busy day and prepares you for a clean start tomorrow.