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3 Reasons Why You NEED Fat In Your Diet

3 Reasons Why You NEED Fat In Your Diet

Written by: RJ Miles Far too often there is an extremely negative connotation with the word “fat” when it comes to nutrition. Perhaps this is because the same word is used to describe the macronutrient we need daily, and the unsightly tissue that is stored when we...

7 Ways to Make the Most of Every Day

By Ari Antilla Have you ever had a day go by so quickly and when you try to think about what you’ve accomplished you draw a blank and realize nothing got done? As humans, we all have days like that but not every day has to be like that. We can avoid these days and...

Eating Less, More Often

Written by Ari Antila  Eating three square meals a day is drilled into our heads early on in our lives. However, in today’s world of driving instead of walking and desk jobs that don’t demand much more physical activity other than typing on a keyboard, eating three...

Breathing Techniques for Awareness, Energy, & Relaxation

By: Kalena Shoman How many times a day do you find yourself overwhelmed from either sitting in an office with 10 tabs open, trying to finish three things at once to dealing with 5 wonderful, screaming children as you try to maintain a healthy household? There are so...

4 Things to Consider Before Beginning a Running Routine

By: Kalena Shoman   Having the chance to sit down with Tucson runner and 800m Mexican National Champion, James Eichberger, taught me a lot about the initial struggles that people face when starting a running routine. How do you know your body’s limits when beginning a...