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Prickly Pear Pecan – 10 Pack

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The prickly pear is a super fruit native to the deserts of Arizona. Experience the hidden delights of the Sonoran Desert with Prickly Pear Pecan. This bar will be sure to engage your taste buds and energize your body!

New! Kosher Certified

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  1. Kathleen M.

    love the new flavor

  2. Alice Howell

    So far, this is the best and only bar that I like. It is delicious! They are so pricey though, so I buy them when I receive a discount offer.

  3. SamanthaFlatland

    The prickly pear bar is so delicious! Love, love love!

  4. Alice Howell

    I have learned to only order this bar. I have tasted some of the others and they are not good. This bar, however, is so delicious! I love it!

  5. heatheracken

    My family always have fruit and nut bars on hand for snacks and emergency food. This flavor is unlike any other one out there and it’s so nice to have something a little different. The flavor is sweet with an awesome pairing with the pecan. Love it!

  6. RebeccaRogers

    Always a fan of R Bars.
    I’d do absolutely nothing for a Klondike bar, but I’d go far for an R Bar!

    If you guys marketed more to the vegan community or posted in the tucson vegan FB group, I bet you’d find a lot of new customers.

  7. Yolanda C.

    I recently discovered Rbars…and I love them. I’ve tried several but these are by far the best. And prickly pear is my favorite flavor. But try them all because they are fantastic!!!

  8. Missy E.

    Great pear taste and whole30 compliant!

  9. Erin B.

    These bars are my absolute favorite! I never get tired of them! I love that they’re vegan and not full of crap!

  10. Sheri S.

    Hands down the best whole 30 compliant bars. Blueberry is everything! Prickly pear and lemon poppy seed also so :yum:

  11. Lilo h.

    The Prickly Pear is my favorite. Helps me play 18 holes of golf.
    I live in Tucson and it’s a local product.
    Support Locals!

  12. Nancy M.

    These bars are so moist and tasty. If you like dates you’ll love these. Excellent for a quick snack!

  13. Barbara D.

    We first found the Prickly Pear Cactus+Pecan RBars at the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. After eating this wonderful snack I looked for some on the internet and we were very happy when we found the RBar website and found out we could order them there. We immediately ordered a box of 10 and just received another box of 10, as well as, two boxes of the mixed bars, so we can try others. So far, we have not had a bad RBar. We don’t like our snacks to be too sweet and these have all been just right. They are super and our favorite is the Prickly Pear Cactus + Pecan.

  14. Matthew M.


  15. Larisa H.

    I really like the prickly pear (gives a nice, chewy texture) and the pecan (gives a nice flavor) combination in this bar – this is my favorite R Bar.

  16. Debbie L.

    My favorite R Bar is the Prickly Pear Cactus because of the dried fruit ingredients. The perfect snack in between meals or when I’m on the go!

  17. Paula T.

    I love them I’m diabetic I always carry something with me to eat I love them unlike granola bars they last and don’t turn to dust in my purse

  18. Joanie R.

    Prickly pear bar fits nicely into my jersey pocket while riding my bike. I also keep them in my desk at work for the afternoon snack. Thanks RBAR

  19. janetBrace

    Great flavor!

  20. Helen L.

    These bars are better than candy and better for you too.

  21. Jenny B.

    I am really enjoying my prickly pear bars. They are delicious and they are a great filling snack

  22. GennadiyMedvedovskiy

    The bar’s combination of taste and texture by far the best of all the energy bars I’ve tried. I regularly eat as a dessert.

  23. JeffreyLang

    RBar has become the go to quick energy snack for every member of our family. Each flavor has its own distinct set of ingredients with excellent flavor and content. This is truly well thought out, well made product that will be on our list of at home as well as when out and active foods.

  24. Judy R.

    I particularly like this and the lemon bars. I feel I have found a new hiking buddy.

  25. Bridget S.

    When I opened my bar it was slick with excess oil. From now on I’ll stick to flavors that have fewer ingredients and don’t contain oils.

  26. Jeffrey G.

    Excellent quality product with a different, but great flavor. Will definitely be buying again.

  27. Jo W.

    Very tasty, uses minimal ingredients, and is the ONLY bar that I can eat with all of my food sensitivities! Lightening fast shipping, fantastic follow up, great company to do business with.

  28. Eileen S.

    Bars proved to be better than I expected. Very tasty + satisfying!

  29. Keri B.

    I picked a couple of these up at my local Sprouts after searching for bars with minimal and healthy ingredients. The first couple bites were great, the flavor was nice but then I kept biting into something very hard. I ended up throwing half of it away as I didn’t want to break a tooth.

  30. Robert P.

    The RBars are the best sports bar I have ever had. The other bars on the market taste nasty and feel like chalk or sawdust in my mouth. The RBar has as few ingredients as possible {I can pronounce them}. are super moist and taste delicious. Thanks for making them. I have been hunting for years for these.


    Great anytime. Perfect size.

  32. Carla M.

    I just happened upon this bar last week and noticed its local flavor and that is was a Tucson native! Loved it and sent it to family as a bit of Tucson on the east coast. Looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors!

  33. Walter N.

    Superb producr. Great taste, not heavy, not dry so you need to drink a lot of water after you eat it. I use them when biking and hiking.

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